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Clipping path

A desirable photo is sometimes accompanied by an undesirable background. This is where our clipping path services can come to your help. All of our clipping path services are meticulously and pain strikingly done by hand as we always strive for perfection, and it is our strong belief that there are no shortcuts to perfection.

Background removal 

Be it a white background or a brand new setting that you simply would like for your photos, background removal will facilitate your tell customers wherever you would like them to focus. Background removal and manipulation build merchandise shine — and customers convert.

Image masking

Advanced Photoshop skills and meticulous attention to detail are needed to accurately take away the background in complicated editing comes. whether or not it’s the hair of a model or the fur of a stuffed animal, we have a tendency to deliver a clean edit therefore you get a life-like image.

Drop shadow

Shadows and reflections add to the realism and believably of a picture and can greatly add to the aesthetic appeal of a picture. However, all of this is lost if the original background is removed however our talented artists at Clipping Path can add convincing shades and reflections to your picture with our drop shadow service.

Ghost mannequin

A mannequin just doesn’t cut it when it comes to your product looking the best it can and models are too expensive. But now you can get the best results by removing the mannequin from the photo and have your product be the center of attention with our ghost mannequin service.

Color variants

A product might have different color variants but that doesn’t mean you need to take different photos for different colors which can Often be counter-productive when it comes to comparison. With our Color variants service our talented artists can add different colors to the same photo leading too much more consistent and accurate comparison of the various colors your products might have.

Photo retouching

The perfect photo is rarely captured at once but more often created through post processing effects and editing. Our photo retouching service allows you to take an otherwise imperfect photo and remove all the unwanted imperfections and make the necessary edits to create the perfect picture that is sure to make lasting impression.

Product photo-editing

Products on the internet has very specific form of presentation and if your product pictures do not meet these standards they’ll promptly be ignored by otherwise potential customers. Our experts at Clipping Path can ensure that your product pictures fit these standards and attract the most amount of customers without fail.


Raster Images require quite a high resolution to look presentable

and lose detail when converting them to other resolutions or formats.

Our Vector Conversion service allows you to convert your image from

Raster to Vector as a solution to these problems as Vector images retain their

quality across all resolutions and never lose detail.