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Product photo editing is helpful in all kinds of scenarios found in ecommerce. Photo editing could be required in the following scenarios – time shortage, member shortage, technical deficiency, very large batch of images etc. These issues are compounded by the fact that different markets have different requirements.

We try to meet your requirement of whatever service you need while maintaining lifelike qualities in your images. We fulfill every order by hand.

Our service can help you improve your image in front of the customers. You can attract more customers in this way.



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Clipping paths finished with poor quality and no attention to detail will impact your name and your whole. Our business is made upon wonderful clipping path services that convert customers and impress clients.


If you don’t have time to spare, we’ll facilitate to meet your tightest deadlines. We’ll give quick quotes, speedy client service and fast results. In fact, we have a team to deliver a quote for each project in less than thirty minutes or less.


Affordable clipping path services are what we’re acknowledged for, however that doesn’t mean our quality suffers. whether or not you have got one image or a batch of thousands, you’ll don’t have any bother fitting our services in your budget.

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Different ways of editing and optimizing of product photos:

Various qualities are considered desirable for optimizing your product photos according to your requirements. Some of them are more successful in this optimization process than others to achieve the best effects in your product photos and bring out the best from your photo at the same time. Here are some of them:

Quality: Consumers of today wants to see high quality, lifelike photos from the retailers. Because the competition is high you need to show your best through product photos. Some want to see the products on white background and some want to see them in context -Provide for them both.

Besides these, there are other things such as showing color variation of your products according to colors of products available to you, using ghost mannequin due to unavailability of models to add more textures and volume to photo.

Consistency: It is desirable to make your product photos consistent. This helps customers to compare your products and thus builds trust in the customers. You can do these in various ways. One of them is using white background for your photos, providing rotation for and centering photos.

File Size: File size plays a significant role for ecommerce retailers. Firstly customers don’t like slow loading webpages. Secondly web search index priorities faster loading pages. For these reason you should reduce file size of your images.

There are various tools for achieving this goal. You could use Adobe Photoshop or Apple Preview.

Mobile Friendliness: Product Photos are rendered differently on desktop or mobile phone. Because of this you need to account for this beforehand and configure your photos and thumbnails according to the requirement.

Occasions for optimizing your product photos:

  • Meeting product photo requirements for different online market places
  • Creating white background for your images
  • Removing the background from the images
  • Resizing a large batch of photos to increase online loading speed
  • Creating a large batch of product photos, thumbnails and detailed zoom in images
  • Optimizing quality of your product photos for creating better shopping experience for your customers
  • Optimizing product photos for online search


Our specialty

We have been involved professionally in this venture for long time. We do everything painstakingly by hand. This way we can achieve life like and high quality images that will help you to grow your business. We care about your needs and we provide the highest quality possible. Contact us if you want our service.