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Photos that make your products look life like are necessary to bring customers to your and buy your products. Customers are attracted to life like photos without distraction. More depth and visually appealing your photos are more customers you can attract.

Shadows are a necessary part of making your photos come to life. It gives you an extra edge in this competitive market. It is applicable to both semi professional and professional photos as it makes both of them look better. It also helps your photo to achieve a visual effect that might be not possible normally. There are various kinds of shadows such as drop shadows, cast shadows or reflection shadows. We fulfill all of them by hand painstakingly. All of our works are professional.

Professional, high-quality shadow services are what we deliver — it’s in our name


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Easy Payment System

Our payment system is secure and hassle free. Payment can be completed via PayPal or by using a bank account or check (for US).


100% Secured File Transfer

We use secure FTP such as Goole drive, we-transfer, Dropbox. You also can use our website FTP. It is a quick and hassle-free system.

High Volume Discount

We offer amazing discount offer for a large volume of images. You can send sample images for free trial to judge our service & quality.

Rush Service

If you need edited images within a short time, our rush service is the best solution for you. Reasonable extra charge is applicable.

Most Competitive Price

We know the value of your money and our work strategy is designed for the proper utilization of that. We offer competitive most prices.

Bulk Order Processing

We are capable of handling bulk order of images which may contain more than 5000 images. Get all the images within the required time.

On Time Delivery

Time is very much important for your project. For timely delivery, our experienced and skilled graphic designers work with full dedication.


100% Quality Ensured

3 step quality assurance process is conducted & clients’ instruction is fully followed to ensure the finest quality & glamorous images.

Very eager to please and good service! Can definitely recommend them and would use them any time again.

Jhon Mack




What is photo retouching?

Photo retouching is manipulation of an image for the purpose of making it look cleaner and thus finer tuned. Many others know this technique by different names. Some of them are -image retouching, air brushing or photo shopping.

Some of the things that are retouched in the photo:

Dust, spot and scratch removal: During the photoshoot it can be difficult to get clean photos of your product because of dirt and sometimes your product might be damaged (dented or scratched or both) . Using photo retouching you can remove scratch, dent and dust too from the photos.

Wrinkles on clothing: Wrinkle is a major challenge for those ecommerce retailers who try very hard to take photos of clothes without wrinkles because the model always has to move during photoshoot. These can be removed in post by using image retouching no matter how much the model has to move.

Beauty airbrushing: Beauty airbrushing is generally found being used in fashion industries. This technique is used to bring out the natural beauty of the model by smoothening her skin, changing eye color and whitening teeth, changing background and surroundings.

Camera Reflection Removal: Sometimes camera is reflected on the surface of the product if the product surface is smooth and reflective. This is not desirable in your photos as it distracts from the subject of your photo. Photo retouching can be used to remove the above mentioned fault.

When should you use Photo retouching?

  • When your products are clothes that can’t have photos shot without wrinkles but you need photos without wrinkle.

  • Your product has slight fault in the image taken, a dent or other stuff.

  • Adding another object in the post.

  • Changing how the models look to match the look of your brand is needed.

  • Removing the reflection of cameraman or camera from the image is needed

Clipping path services at Clipping Path Photos

We are specialized in this sort of task. We work on every image one by one painstakingly by hand. In this way, we achieve highest quality for each photo. Too much photo retouching can ruin the natural look of your photo. That is why we do it this way to ensure quality control.

If you want photos retouched, you can send them to us, whether batch sized or single.