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A significant portion of online customers would like to see products on a white background. But getting white backgrounds on all products is a cumbersome activity for someone as busy as Ecommerce and online retailers. This is where we come in – we take care of this task so that you can focus on the important tasks such as growing your business. Some important marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, recommend or sometimes even require product photos on a white background. And here is where image background removal service is most useful. But this is not the only place where it is useful. It can also be accommodated for single color backgrounds to match your brand aesthetic. Not only can it be used for that but also you can add a contextual background for ads, seasonal selling and other creative product photos. As we use hand drawn clipping path when photo background removal is done, every last detail of your product is captured and the customer is compelled to buy your product.

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Affordable clipping path services are what we’re acknowledged for, however that doesn’t mean our quality suffers. whether or not you have got one image or a batch of thousands, you’ll don’t have any bother fitting our services in your budget.

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What is image background removal?

Image Background removal is done by isolating the subject of the photo and cleaning off rest of the image. By doing this, a simpler and cleaner look is given to the photo and the subject of the image is emphasized. This is generally used in ecommerce services. White background is the norm here. But this is not the only reason for which you need background removal. You can also add a single color background or a contextual background

How to remove the background from an image:

There is no one correct way to remove background from images. You can do it in various ways. It all depends on subject of your image and skill of the photo editor. Despite the variety of ways to do this task, we here do it mostly do it by clipping path. We also use advanced Photoshop masking for images with fur and hair.

Clipping Path Background Removal:

Clipping Path that are hand drawn has proven to be best at ensuring qualities while maintaining natural lines at the same time to enhance your picture’s realistic qualities. For this, you have to use pen tool in Adobe Photoshop to remove the background and you also have to zoom in quite a bit so that you don’t miss the smallest details.

Advanced Photoshop Background Removal:

For images with fur or hair, you have to use background erasure tool, magic erasure tool and the color separation technique or combination of more than one. If you are doing background removal on your own, you have to remember to be consistent with other product photos on your website or your profile. Here it’s important to abide by product photo guidelines if you are selling through a third party site (Amazon or eBay). If you want to add some color to the background, consider how these colors will impact your customer. Will it be good for your sale? How will the customer take it?

Who are in need of this service?

E-commerce retailers are the primary beneficiaries of this service. It is cumbersome for them to undertake the task for batches of photos. Here attention to detail is the most important aspect to achieve photos of realistic qualities. E-commerce companies can isolate the products and remove any distractions by removing image background. Uniformity and consistency is also created through this service. This is a necessary precondition for creating a predictable and easy user interface helping online customers to view and buy your products easily. This does not mean that it can’t be used in prints. It can also be used here for giving clean and consistent look to a catalog. You can also create technical documentation or user manual by removing irrelevant subjects from the images. This provides ease for your customers. In this way you can focus on what really matters in your business.

When should you use background removal?

It should be used when

  • You need to comply with requirements of online marketplaces (for example Amazon or eBay)
  • The background is full of distractions or takes focus away from the subject of image
  • You need to showcase the various aspects of your products and make it stand out
  • You want to create uniformity and consistency across multiple photos on your website or profile.
  • You want to achieve transparency in background
  • When shouldn’t you use background removal?
  • When the existing background contextualizes the object greatly.
  • When white background can be created by lighting and backdrop during the photoshoot.

When not to use background removal?

  • The existing background provides great context for the object
  • If you can use lighting and backdrops to create white background product photos when you shoot

Image background removal services at Clipping Path Photos

We have tested various tools for background removal and found that clipping path or advanced Photoshop masking works the best for producing realistic photos. We are also testing other tools continuously.

We draw clipping Path by hands and zoom as much as 300% that we can achieve natural looking photo. We don’t use magic wand for quick selection and path creation.

You can contact us if you want our service, you deserve first class quality.

Today’s consumers demand quality, and so do we at Clipping Path Photos. We pride ourselves on the quality of the finished product — no matter how many images you need edited.