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Lifelike images are necessary to attract customers to buy your products. For that to happen, it is sometimes necessary to have real people to wear and use the products.

Models can be expensive to hire and can conflict with schedules and can have inconsistent results. In these cases, mannequin can be useful. But showcasing mannequin would not be good. In these scenarios, you can use ghost mannequin.

Ghost mannequin can be used to keep the entire mannequin or part of the mannequin to give your photos additional depth. It will help your photos achieve natural look. This natural look helps you to attract more customers as customers can see themselves wearing the product. In this way it can help you to sell more products.



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What is ghost mannequin technique and how do you perform it?


Ghost mannequin technique is used to make mannequin invisible by compositing 2 or more photos together.

If you want to add ghost mannequin to your photos, you have to take 2 or more images, one of clothes with the mannequin and the other of clothes without mannequin. You have to add images together at the neck without the inner dummy or human figure. You can achieve this with clipping path. In this way, you will have clothes that seem to be worn by an invisible mannequin.

Not all ghost mannequins aren’t added together at the neck. Some are needed at hands (watches), some at waist (pants), and some at feet (shoes).

It is necessary to use ghost mannequin in images with pants, shirts, tops to achieve lifelikeness. It can help customers to imagine what the product would look like in real life. It is also used along side other techniques such as color correction and shadow effect to provide the best quality for the image.

When should you use Ghost Mannequin?

  • When you want to provide texture, life and volume for your products
  • When you need to cut back on the cost and challenges of hiring models
  • When occasion demand you to provide with 360 degree view or front and back view.
  • When the customer want to view the inside of your product.

When should you not use ghost mannequin?

  • Showcasing the use of product in context with live models.
  • When images with live models look better than the ones with mannequins .

The best practice we would recommend you to practice is to use a combination of both live models and mannequin. You can achieve consistency and uniformity on the thumbnail images on your website or in catalogues by using mannequin and at the same using human models means customer being able relate to the use of product. Both help you to grow your business.


Our specialty

We can work any kind of mannequins that you took picture of with the clothes on . We have been at this work for quite a while and we strive to achieve natural look in all our photos. We make the image come to life by adding texture. This will help your product to come to life and attract more customers to your products. This will help you grow your business.

We understand your need for high quality and we deliver it on time.


A mannequin just doesn’t cut it when it comes to your product looking the best it can and models are too expensive. But now you can get the best results by removing the mannequin from the photo and have your product be the center of attention with our ghost mannequin service.


We carefully analyze the image before using any Photoshop techniques to decide what kind of tools to use. We do everything by hand. Although it is tedious, it ensures high quality and realistic images.

You can trust us with your images.

Today’s consumers demand quality, and so do we at Clipping Path Photos. We pride ourselves on the quality of the finished product — no matter how many images you need edited.