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Photos that make your products look life like are necessary to bring customers to your and buy your products. Customers are attracted to life like photos without distraction. More depth and visually appealing your photos are more customers you can attract.

Shadows are a necessary part of making your photos come to life. It gives you an extra edge in this competitive market. It is applicable to both semi professional and professional photos as it makes both of them look better. It also helps your photo to achieve a visual effect that might be not possible normally. There are various kinds of shadows such as drop shadows, cast shadows or reflection shadows. We fulfill all of them by hand painstakingly. All of our works are professional.

Professional, high-quality shadow services are what we deliver — it’s in our name


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Easy Payment System

Our payment system is secure and hassle free. Payment can be completed via PayPal or by using a bank account or check (for US).


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We use secure FTP such as Goole drive, we-transfer, Dropbox. You also can use our website FTP. It is a quick and hassle-free system.

High Volume Discount

We offer amazing discount offer for a large volume of images. You can send sample images for free trial to judge our service & quality.

Rush Service

If you need edited images within a short time, our rush service is the best solution for you. Reasonable extra charge is applicable.

Most Competitive Price

We know the value of your money and our work strategy is designed for the proper utilization of that. We offer competitive most prices.

Bulk Order Processing

We are capable of handling bulk order of images which may contain more than 5000 images. Get all the images within the required time.

On Time Delivery

Time is very much important for your project. For timely delivery, our experienced and skilled graphic designers work with full dedication.


100% Quality Ensured

3 step quality assurance process is conducted & clients’ instruction is fully followed to ensure the finest quality & glamorous images.

Very eager to please and good service! Can definitely recommend them and would use them any time again.

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What is drop shadow?

By applying Drop Shadow you make the object look raised slightly above ground while giving off a faint glow. This technique is used by ecommerce retailers.

Natural Shadow: If an image is edited as such that it casts a shadow on the background, it is said to apply natural shadows. Here an imaginative source of light is placed anywhere the editor wishes to place it. This make the object look like it is on a surface.

Existing Shadow or Cast Shadow: Some photos might already have natural shadows in it but you might have to remove the background. You can preserve the shadow with correct opacity and transparency level. In some case, you might have to draw it by your own hand.

Floating Shadow and Reflections: Floating shadows and reflection are part of your tools for adding shadow to a picture. This is used in the scenarios such as an object not being on a solid ground or object floating above ground or casting shadow over a hole. This is a commonly used technique by ecommerce retailers, most of the time accompanied by white background. But it’s important to remember that if it is not done well it will look unrealistic and thus edited.

When should you use shadow effect?

You should use shadow effects when

  • you want to add depth and texture to an otherwise flat images
  • you need to differentiate your product from your background
  • you would like to create consistency and uniformity among photos of your products
  • you want to make the product look realistic and natural
  • you would like to preserve existing shadows with a new background.


How should you add a shadow effect to images?

If you would like to create drop shadow for your images, you have to create a gray or black shape that has to be made similar to the shape of the subject of the image. After doing this, you should soften the edges of the shape that you created. This is done to achieve a realistic look for the subject of your image.

It’s important to remember one crucial factor and that is you should maintain proper proportion between the object and the shadow. Otherwise your photos will look unrealistic and make customers turn away from your product.

The direction and angle of the light source has to be taken into account for keeping the consistency of image intact while creating multiple shadows in the image. You also have to keep in your mind the effect of light on the color of the shadow as we know from experience that the closer the light source to the object the more black the shadow of the object.

These shadows indicate relation between the subject of your image and the background whether it was added in the post or not. The resultant image looks more natural than its unedited predecessor which allows subject of the image to come into focus. This can help in making your customer base larger.

If it’s done poorly, it will have an adverse effect on your sales as the customer will lose trust in your brand and turn to your competitors.

Drop shadow services at Clipping Path Photos

No every photos are identical. That’s why we tend to fastidiously analyze every photograph to work out the most effective approach. more often than not, a high-quality image needs the utilization of over one technique or tool. we tend to mix multiple approaches — as well as the background eraser tool, color separation, channel mask and hand-drawn clipping paths — to attain the best-looking photograph for you or your purchasers. We’re not finished till each edge is sharp and sleek, and each minor detail captured. With quite three hundred workers and 5 locations, we’ve accomplished graphic designers and photograph editors in varied areas. when examining your photograph and needs, we tend to ensure the foremost qualified editor fulfills your order to the best standards. You get professionally edited images which will create your clients happy — all at a value you’ll be able to afford and a turnaround time to assist you meet even the foremost aggressive deadlines. in contrast to many other image masking services, we tend to do everything by hand. We’ve seen, firsthand, the results of automation and tools and the way it will hurt your name and your brand. Today’s customers demand quality, and so do we at Clipping Path Photos. we tend to pride ourselves on the standard of the finished product — irrespective of what number pictures you wish edited.


Why should you choose our service?

We take each project individually and try to find what will work best for them according to your specifications. We do everything by hand painstakingly to achieve the best quality. Although we are new, we have been doing projects like this for a while. So we have a lot of experience in this kind of projects.

Unlike many other deep-etching services, we don’t automate the clipping paths. We also steer clear of using tools such as Magic Wand for quick selection and path creation. We’ve seen, firsthand, the results of automations and tools and how it can hurt your reputation and your brand.

Today’s consumers demand quality, and so do we at Clipping Path Photos. We pride ourselves on the quality of the finished product — no matter how many images you need edited.